Latin America:

Rich in Cultural and Biological Diversity


Latin America is a vast area of land south of the U.S. Border  which includes Mexico, Central, and South America. But it is much more than just places on a map.  It is the people , their cultural traditions, life-ways and ties to the land that make Latin America so special. It is a blend of culture groups (native Indian Tribes, Spaniards, French, Italians, and Germans) that have survived a turbulent past, and who have always valued family above all else. I am a descendant of this cultural mix, also known as a Mestizo (a mix of Indian and European descent). I am proud of my cultural roots and hope to learn more about the peoples and lands that have played a role in shaping who I am today.  The Tarahumara, who are part of my ancestry, are from the State of Chihuahua, Mexico and live in the Barranca del Cobre area, aka the "Grand Canyon of Mexico."  It is fitting that I was born and grew up in the Grand Canyon State of Arizona. The Mayo Indians of Sonora also are a part of my ancestry story. Both of these culture groups  are fascinating. 


Venezuela, a country of much socio-economic and political upheaval is also a culturally and biologically diverse nation. I hope the photos of the Latin people and their lands give you a glimpse into their lives - a people that are happy, hard working and content regardless of the uncivil and unjust ruling party. A picture can say a thousand words, if you read closely.

Children at Cusarare Mission