A Country with a turbulant past and future, but beautiful people


Back in 1996 Venezuela was a country on the verge of a revolution. Gas was dirt cheap, but prices were "rising" to around .50/gallon! We are not sure the status of our dear friends who live there. We can pray that they are well and their children have grown to be all that they hoped to be. Climbing the Tepuis in Venezuela with Ewaldo y Marisela and being led by a native Pemon Indian was an experience of a lifetime. Williams led us on a trek in the Andean Mountains outside of Merida. Along the way a native guide and his mule helped carry our packs over the Andes. The people that still live in these mountains are peaceful, kind, and open their homes to visitors. Some are very remote pensiones/BnB type accommodations of the very rustic kind! The people in these extremely remote villages are hard working and content. Regardless of the ruling party, this compact country packs a punch with its diverse natural world as well: from Canaima National Park in the southeast bordering Brazil and Guyana, to Merida and the Andes to the west, and the Ocean on the North.

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